Overcoming Age Discrimination in the Job Search – Part II

I have heard from many of my baby boomer job-seeking clients that they have experienced age discrimination in today’s competitive job market. I wish that were not the case, but I am glad to share that there are effective techniques to overcome this challenge. Primarily, you want to focus on the value you offer an employer. You want the hiring manager to see you as a valuable skillset that would enhance their team.

The last thing you want the reader to do is question your age as they read your resume. To make your resume age-neutral:baby boomer in shape

  • Do not use an AOL email address – that screams “dinosaur”! Sign up for a free gmail or yahoo email address to optimize your job search.
  • Use current resume best practices: include a profile statement instead of an objective and list quantified achievements for each position rather than a list of duties.
  • Only include the last 12-15 years of work history. If some of your earlier experience might significantly help strengthen your resume, include it in a section entitled “OTHER EXPERIENCE” and do not include the dates.
  • Exclude graduation dates prior to 2000. On the flip side — if you went back to school as a working adult, play this up to show your ability to juggle competing priorities.
  • Use current terminology. Use Mac instead of Macintosh, cell instead of mobile and eliminate references to old technology like faxes, DOS, COBOL, Word Perfect or mimeograph. Do not include hobbies, marital status, or references.

To overcome any misconceptions about being a “weaker” job candidate, show that you have a lot of energy, enjoy learning new things and are up on technology. Being on LinkedIn, and using it effectively, is a great way to show off your social media and tech skills.

There is a lot of hiring out there right now. To win an interview, and then the job offer, you must show the hiring managers that you are a serious job candidate and have a lot to offer the organization. Are you overwhelmed and don’t know where to start? We can help. Our professional resume package includes a customized resume and cover letter that are compatible with Applicant Tracking Systems. Because I want you to succeed in your job search, I also provide some job search strategies and tips on interview preparation. We have helped many job seekers just like you find jobs that they love. Why wait? Contact us today.

Trish Thomas founded The Resume Resource in 2009 to help people develop the tools, strategies and confidence to build satisfying careers. As a Career Coach and Resume Writer, she helps her clients articulate their unique value to stand out from the competition, and guides them through the job search process to make it less overwhelming and more successful. Contact us to see how we can help you build a more rewarding career. www.the-resume-resource.com

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