Local Workshops and Events

Effective September 2019, the Edge Career Solutions’ office relocated from Simsbury, Connecticut to Sanibel Island, Florida. I enjoyed my many presentations at the Simsbury, Russell and Prosser libraries and thank all my loyal attendees for your enthusiasm, participation and questions.

I love helping people succeed in their careers and sharing valuable insider information they can put to immediate use. Ideal audience size is less than 40, to provide  plenty of opportunity to address individual questions.

If you are interested in scheduling a virtual workshop or a live training session in the Sanibel/Fort Myers area, give me a call at (860) 658-6480. Same office telephone number, much nicer view!

Educational and Training Workshops

  • Freelance Consulting – the New “Un”Retirement
  • Career Pivots: Reinvention, Reentry and Recalibrating
  • Is Entrepreneurship Right for You?
  • Overcoming Employment Barriers and Bias in The Hiring Process
  • How to Conduct a Successful Job Search
  • Writing a Resume that Will Actually Win Interviews
  • Using Social Media in Your Job Search
  • Navigating the Online Job Application Process
  • Conquer the Fear: Interview Prep 101
  • Identifying Your Ideal Career Path
  • Business Etiquette for New College Graduates
  • How To Grow Your Business with LinkedIn
  • Hands-On LinkedIn Training