EDGE Career Solutions

There really is a perfect job for each person ― sometimes, you just need help finding it.  Whether you are competing for your next promotion, need to escape a shrinking industry or you want a complete career change, working 1:1 with an experienced Career Coach will help you gain the competitive EDGE you need to achieve your goals.


Edge Career Solutions will accelerate your job search results

The benefits of hiring a Career Coach:
Quicker results with less frustration
More job satisfaction
Better work/life balance
Earning what you are worth



Edge Career Solutions ensures client success by helping job seekers:

  • Clarify their career goals so they target the right jobs
  • Position themselves as the ideal candidate
  • Articulate the value they offer with quantified achievements
  • Establish an online presence that attracts recruiters
  • Navigate the “hidden job market” to create the right opportunity
  • Ace job interviews and win attractive job offers

I know how frustrating a job search can be! Why go through it alone when there is a friendly, knowledgeable resource available? I will help you identify your ideal career path and guide you through the job search process to make it less overwhelming and more successful. As your personal career coach, I will provide ongoing support throughout your job search to keep you moving forward.

Why wait? The hiring season is here.  EDGE Career Solutions will help you move from where you are today, to where you want to be. (860) 658-6480 or trish.thomas@edgecareersolutions.com

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