LinkedIn Profiles and Training

Using LinkedIn to Advance Your Career

LinkedIn is the most powerful job search tool today and many agree that it is considered unprofessional not to be on this social network for professionals. An estimated 130,000 recruiters and many of the largest employers use LinkedIn to recruit candidates for employment. You can leverage the strength of the LinkedIn platform and extend your reach with a search LinkedIn engine optimized profile and the right kind of activity.

A networking strategy that combines face-to-face and social interaction is consistently cited as the #1 way to get a new job.   Networking is effective because an estimated 80% of open positions are not advertised. LinkedIn enables you to get in front of the decision makers and is also a very powerful information gathering tool. A common misconception is that you need to be conducting a job search to be an active participant on LinkedIn — that is not the case. While the social platform certainly can help you get hired, it also provides the opportunity to network professionally with peers and clients to advance your career. It is advisable to grow your network of connections and build real relationships before you need it so that your network will be ready to help you should you decide to launch a job search.

Trained by LinkedIn on the platform’s best practices, I can help you establish your online image to improve your job search results. I’ll show you how to use LinkedIn to position yourself as an expert in your field, so the right people and opportunities find you. With an optimized profile, a wide network and regular interactions your LinkedIn presence will work for you 24 hours a day.

Note: An optimized LinkedIn profile is included in the comprehensive Career Solutions Package as it works with your resume and cover letter to solidify your brand. A LinkedIn profile can also be purchased separately.

A Powerful Tool to Grow Your Business

Savvy business owners are using LinkedIn to establish their company’s brand online. I can help you use the power of social media to communicate with your audience the way the prefer — online.  An optimized LinkedIn company page can increase brand awareness and help you reach new markets. I will share with you the proven social media marketing strategies I have used myself to successfully grow and expand my business.

Hands On Training

I offer hourly 1:1 LinkedIn training sessions that can help you get up to speed fast on the #1 job search tool in the world today. Relax – I  am here to  help you!