How to Quickly Land a Job in a Tough Economy

I speak with job seekers every day who are frustrated and overwhelmed by today’s job search. I’ll share with you the strategy I have used successfully with hundreds of my clients who are now working at jobs they love.

While it is true that the job market has never been more competitive, when you break it down there are really only 2 steps to landing a great new job.

A Career Coach can help make your dreams come true

You need to:

  1. Get in front of your target audience
  2. Make yourself memorable

A networking strategy that combines face-to-face and online networking has been key to landing a job in recent years and is even more effective today. An increasing number of employers are abandoning the big paid-to-post job boards because they do not want to sort through the flood of resumes from hundreds, if not thousands, of anxious jobseekers, many of whom are not qualified.

So, if you don’t search online for job postings, what do you do? It’s easy: you create your own job opportunities by building a list of target companies and impressing the decision makers. It is not as difficult as it sounds. I can teach you how.


Where would you like to work? What companies need what you have to offer? Doing a little research upfront and clarifying your goal will focus your job search efforts, which will in turn accelerate your results. Once you have your target list, identify the decision makers and reach out to them directly. You can generally locate a person’s contact information via the company website or social media. Initiate contact and let them know that you have what they need.


Really want to turn around a stalled job search? Start having real conversations. Just being on LinkedIn is not enough. You need to use all of LinkedIn’s functionality to establish a strong online presence. In addition to having an SEO-focused profile, you need to attract the attention of hiring managers with the right kind of activity. Participate in group conversations and share relevant information to highlight your expertise. I recommend being an open networker – consider everyone you meet a potential job lead. But, don’t just connect and disappear. Once you have met someone, whether at a local networking event or on LinkedIn, you must follow up. Schedule a phone call or coffee meeting to continue the conversation. These connections can help you find out about open opportunities before your competitors.

If you are not sure how to develop a strategic job search plan, I’m here to help. I offer an objective view of your marketability and can help you gain the competitive edge.

A Certified Career Transition Coach, resume expert and job search strategist, Trish McGrath has been helping people develop the tools, strategies and confidence to build satisfying careers since 2009. She guides her clients through the job search process to make it less overwhelming and more successful. Contact Trish today to see how she can help you achieve your career goals. (860) 658-6480 or Discover your EDGE.©

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