A 3-Step Year End Review Will Rejuvenate Your Job Search

[Back by popular demand and updated for 2018.]

Albert Einstein once said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. If your job search is not winning job offers, then it is time to change your approach.

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A year-end job search review helps jobseekers to reflect upon their strategies, evaluate their progress and determine which actions they should continue and which they should change.

Step #1: Clarify Your Goal

Do you have a crystal clear picture of what you offer an organization and a defined list of target companies? If you cannot articulate your career goal, how can you possibly achieve it? The crucial first step is to determine who you would like to work for and how you can help them achieve their organizational objectives. What do you offer that other candidates do not?

Step #2: Follow a Plan

A strategic job search plan is key to moving forward. It also breaks down the overall job search process in logical, manageable steps so you do not get overwhelmed. Track the networking events, informational meetings and workshops you attend each week and what you did to keep yourself “work ready”. Record the networking connections and companies you reached out to and the specific jobs for which you applied.Personally, I like using an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of all this information.

Step #3: Evaluate your Results

Continually monitoring your efforts against your plan will keep you on track and help determine which steps have been the most effective. What has not worked and should be changed or abandoned completely? What new approach can you take? Another important question – – have you put in consistent effort?

A year-end job search review is the perfect opportunity to analyze where you are, what actions you have taken and what you should do next. Here are a few tips to jump-start your job search:

  • Write down specific goals and action steps, and assign due dates. A project plan is the first step to holding yourself accountable.
  • Update your resume to highlight the value you offer an employer and your key differentiators. Customize your resume and cover letter to each position.
  • Set a regular 40-hour/week job search schedule with weekends off, and stick to it. If you are in transition, finding a job must be your full-time job.
  • Schedule coffee meetings and informational interviews with people in your industry. Share your career plan and ask for advice on achieving it. (Don’t ask for a job.)
  • Build your network: use both face-to-face and online networking to expand your reach.
  • Volunteer to keep your skills sharp or enroll in training workshops to learn new skills.
  • Prepare thoroughly for each interview and follow up afterwards with a nice hand-written note or email to each interviewer.

Ignore the naysayers – there are a lot of jobs out there right now! Employers are hiring every day.  In today’s competitive job market, outdated job search techniques do not work. Make 2019 the year you look forward to going to work every day. Change your game plan and you’ll see a change in your results. I promise.

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