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Are Applicant Tracking Systems Rigged Against Jobseekers?

It’s a fact – if your resume does not make it through an employer’s Applicant Tracking System, it’s like you never even applied for the job. Is your resume making it through the Applicant Tracking System?

Too often, Applicant Tracking Systems make life difficult for jobseekers. But once you know how they work, you can use them to your advantage and they will no longer be a barrier to your job search. Not sure what this is all about? They can be confusing and continually evolve, which is why I research, take frequent training and test out the systems myself.

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Are You Sabotaging Your Job Search by Not Including a Cover Letter?

No one really likes writing cover letters – not even me, and I write clients’ career marketing documents every day. Personally, I find creating resumes, executive bios and LinkedIn profiles much more fun. But – cover letters are an important part of your job search that you cannot overlook. A cover letter will help you win a job interview

Typically, your cover letter is the first writing sample reviewed by a potential employer, so make sure yours will help, not hurt, your chances of winning an interview.  Continue reading

Dispelling 3 Job Search Myths That Are Paralyzing New College Grads

Congratulations on your recent graduation from college! As you prepare to launch your professional career, you might feel overwhelmed and unsure how to start your job search. You may have heard that no one is hiring, or that you need to apply to hundreds of jobs to win one interview. Don’t let fear or outdated career advice derail your job search efforts. Here’s the scoop on the top 3 job search concerns that I hear most often:

MYTH #1:  No one is hiring.2016 job search advice

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Don’t Let A Sloppy Email Derail Your Job Search

We love the convenience of email and how it has sped up the communication process, but be careful when applying this quick action approach to your job search. Don’t risk sending a less-than-perfect email because you are rushed.

Accidentally sending a half-written email or one with typos, the wrong company name, or a missing attachment can blow your chances of winning an interview. We have all clicked “send” on an email and then panicked when we realize that it has already left our inbox. With a little care, and conscious effort, you can avoid falling in this speed trap again.

Here is an email technique that I have used for years when sending an email where perfection is vital: when you draft an email, enter the recipient’s email address last. If you are replying to an email, remove the email address and re-insert it after you have written your response. This way, you won’t risk sending the email before proofing it.

Depending on your email setup, you might have the “email recall” function, but this function is notoriously unreliable, and only works if the recipient has not yet read your email.

Your professional reputation is on the line. You must take the time to be conscientious about the little details. It can make the difference in winning the interview or being seen as unprofessional.

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Trish Thomas founded The Resume Resource in 2009 to help people advance their careers with rewarding jobs that provide more than just a paycheck. As a Career Coach and Resume Writer, she takes the time to get to know each of her clients and guides them through the job search process to make it less overwhelming and more successful.