Are You Sabotaging Your Job Search by Not Including a Cover Letter?

No one really likes writing cover letters – not even me, and I write clients’ career marketing documents every day. Personally, I find creating resumes, executive bios and LinkedIn profiles much more fun. But – cover letters are an important part of your job search that you cannot overlook. A cover letter will help you win a job interview

Typically, your cover letter is the first writing sample reviewed by a potential employer, so make sure yours will help, not hurt, your chances of winning an interview. 

A cover letter is a great way to convey your passion for the job and to set yourself apart from other candidates. Another reason to include a cover letter with your resume? If the recruiter or hiring manager is expecting one and you do not provide one – you can look lazy.  What employer would want to hire a person they perceive as lazy? None. Here are some great tips from AkkenCloud and Ghergich & Co. on how companies use cover letters in candidate selection. You can use this information to sell yourself well with a strong cover letter. Knowledge is power!

Did you know there are 5 different types of cover letters? Read AKKENCloud’s Cover Letter Tips 

Cover Letters: Why They

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