Boomers Find Real Satisfaction in Encore Careers

As a Career Coach, I work with many seasoned professionals who are looking to reinvent themselves with a new career. Some are looking for more job satisfaction, while others are changing careers out of necessity as opportunities in their current field are dwindling. One of the best things about today’s resume is that it is a forward-facing marketing document – not an autobiography. I can highlight my clients’ transferrable skills and show potential employers how their experience will enable the jobseeker to be successful in this new role.

One roadblock to career reinvention has been employers’ reluctance to take a chance on an employee who does not have proven success in the same field. Current training can help, but I have recently discovered a better way for mid-career professionals to migrate to a new field!boomerdenlogo Fran Trelease of Boomer Den connects Baby Boomers looking for an encore career with employers willing to share their expertise.

Interested in becoming a baker, social media coordinator or graphic designer? Boomer Den can help you explore a new career in an adult internship. They act as your broker – matching Baby Boomers like you with pre-screened business owners eager to teach you their business. The 6, 8 or 10-week internships can be full time or part time and are generally unpaid. At the end of the internship, if the experience was positive for both the intern and employer, the company typically hires the intern. The employer pays a finder’s fee to Boomer Den – there is no cost to the intern.

I met Fran a few months ago and have found her to be smart, personable and very easy to work with! I have recently referred several of my clients to Fran, and they are excited about the opportunity to gain experience in a new field and make sure it is a good fit for them. What better way to take a job for a test drive, without committing long term? If you are ready to “Write your own chapter two”, visit Boomer Den online at  and learn more about how they can help you build a more rewarding career.

I personally reinvented myself in my 40’s, when I left the corporate world to work for myself. Now that I know how wonderful it is to have a job that I love, I help my clients find jobs that they find enjoyable and satisfying. There really is the perfect job for each person. Sometimes, you just need help figuring out what that is. I can help you clarify your career goals, and then Boomer Den can help you gain hands-on experience to increase your marketability. It’s a proven concept that works!

Trish Thomas founded The Resume Resource in 2009 to help people develop the tools, strategies and confidence to build satisfying careers, and then rebranded as EDGE Career Solutions in 2015. As a Career Coach, Resume Writer and Certified MBTI Practitioner, she helps her clients articulate their unique value to stand out from the competition, and guides them through the job search process to make it less overwhelming and more successful. Contact her to see how she can help you build a more rewarding career.

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