What Is Your Resume Saying About You?

Your resume says a lot more to a prospective employer than just conveying your work history, skills and qualifications. Because they do not know you, hiring managers and recruiters judge you completely by your resume. If it is not winning you interviews, your resume might be sabotaging your job search efforts. success20and20failure20sign3

  • A generic resume not customized to the specifics of the job description, tells the employer that you really do not want the job. They figure you are probably applying to tons of jobs, rather than positions for which you are truly qualified.
  • Choosing not to include a cover letter with your resume tells the employer that you are lazy. Even if the posting does not specify that a cover letter is needed, it is expected of serious candidates.
  • Submitting a resume with typographical or grammatical errors tells the employer that you are sloppy and couldn’t be bothered to spend a few extra minutes to proofread your resume. Ask someone else to look it over — do not rely on spell check.
  • Not following the application instructions exactly sends the message that you do not follow the rules. If they ask for your salary history or requirements, then you must include that information.

In this highly competitive job market, your resume plays an important role in your job search. In an instant, its contents and appearance can make or break your chances of landing an interview. Many human resource managers say they spend less than 6 seconds scanning a resume, while considering it for further review. A professionally written resume can give you a competitive edge, piquing the interest of employers and persuading them to call you for an interview.

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Trish Thomas founded The Resume Resource in 2009 to help people develop the tools, strategies and confidence to build satisfying careers. As a Career Coach and Resume Writer, she helps her clients articulate their unique value to stand out from the competition, and guides them through the job search process to make it less overwhelming and more successful. Contact us to see how we can help you build a more rewarding career. www.the-resume-resource.com


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