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“How Many Pencils Would it Take To Fill a Swimming Pool?”

Job interviews can be nerve wracking for even the most experienced job seeker. In today’s competitive job market, proper preparation for the interview can make the difference between a job offer and a rejection. You should behavioral interview questionspractice answering questions pertaining to your experience and be prepared to provide examples from your work history that sell you as the ideal candidate for the position. But, do not over practice and memorize a script! It is important to understand the gist of each question, so you recognize it when phrased differently.
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Not Asking Questions in a Job Interview Can Cost you the Job

It is important for jobseekers to ask thoughtful questions during the job interview to show that they are eager for the job. Not asking questions indicates to the interviewer that you are not a serious job candidate, and can derail any chance for consideration. multiple_interviewersWithout a list of questions prepared in advance, many jobseekers go blank when asked if they have any questions. Don’t let that happen to you.

I have heard from many jobseekers who are confused about what types of questions to ask. Here are a few pointers to help you develop a list of questions that will impress the interviewer.   Continue reading

How to Answer These Tricky Interview Questions

It is important that you take the time to properly prepare for a job interview. Being well-prepared will boost your confidence and lower your anxiety. Draft answers to the most common interview questions and practice speaking them out loud. You also should read up on the company with which you will be interviewing and prepare some questions of your own. This lets the interviewer know that you are truly interested in the company and the position.  confusedjobseekerscratchinghead

Although every interviewer is different and questions vary from industry to industry, there are some questions that are common across the board. Reading through the following questions and developing your own answers is a good place to start in your preparation. Once you have done that, remember practice makes perfect! Nothing impresses a potential employer like being ready for whatever is thrown your way. Continue reading