Preparing For Your Year-End Review

‘Tis the season to celebrate with friends and family. ‘Tis also the season for year-end performance reviews, which is the perfect time for you to position yourself for success.

Performance reviews can be stressful, especially coming as they do during the holiday season. You naturally hope that your manager notices all of your hard work and recognizes the value you offer your organization. But does management really know how valuable you are? Year End Career ReviewAs part of the review process, many companies ask their employees to provide a self-assessment to their manager. This is your best opportunity to remind your manager of your contributions and highlight the impact of your efforts. It is also a great first step to developing a strong resume.

Not sure how to show your value to an organization? You are not alone. To make it easier for my clients, I recommend that they start with the following questions: 

Questions to help prepare for your performance review:

  • What unique skills do you bring to your team?
  • How did you contribute to the overall success of your department/organization?
  • What specific projects did you complete?
  • Did you volunteer for any special assignments?
  • Did you assume additional responsibilities?
  • Were you asked to lead or join a project team?
  • What types of problems were you asked to resolve?
  • Are you a recognized subject matter expert?
  • Did you win an award or receive appreciative emails?
  • Did you complete any training or gain new skills?

By answering these key questions, your accomplishments will come into focus. This analytic approach also works well if you are looking for a new job or changing careers. Before you can develop a convincing resume, you need to have a clear picture of how you add value to an organization.

The answers to the above questions become your selling points – your professional brand. This information is quantifiable evidence of your contributions that demonstrate your impact in your current organization and will help you sell yourself to your next employer.

Many people have not ever done this type of self-reflection. When I coach my clients, I expand the questions above to include questions about job satisfaction, work culture and individual skills and abilities. Taken together, these answers provide a solid foundation for a successful job search.

So don’t just sit back and wait for that raise, promotion or new job. Hope is not a plan. Opportunities don’t happen by accident or by magic. You make them happen. Cataloging your skills and achievements is the first step in selling yourself. Armed with those facts, you will gain confidence in your abilities and others will see it too.


As an inspirational Career Coach, Resume Expert and Certified MBTI® Practitioner Career Coach, I have helped hundreds of people develop the tools, strategies and and confidence to land rewarding jobs with generous compensation packages. I will guide you through the entire resume creation process, from articulating your unique skills and identifying compatible roles to developing quantified career accomplishments. I will provide guidance, structure and support to help build your interview confidence and position you for success. Contact me today to see how I can help you gain the competitive EDGE and get the career you really want. Email or call (860) 658-6480.



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