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5 Quick Resume Fixes To Improve Your Job Search

If your resume is not winning you frequent interviews, then it is not doing its job. Here are some quick fixes to turn that around.

Quick Resume Fixes to Improve Your Job Search

I recently met a woman at one of my local LinkedIn workshops who was frustrated in her job search. She had applied to many, many jobs, but had not landed any interviews.

I quickly reviewed her resume and could tell in an instant why it was not impressing employers. I suggested a few improvements that she could quickly implement and share these with you here. (Her revised resume worked! She landed an interview the next week and is now working at a job she enjoys.)

1. Address the employer’s needs

Change the focus of your resume to address the employer’s needs not yours. How can you help them achieve their goals? Position yourself as the solution to their problem and highlight your differentiators.

2. Target a specific role

These days, companies are looking for specialists, not generalists. Focus your resume on a specific role, so the reader can quickly see where you’d fit within their organization. They won’t guess – if unsure, they will move on to the next resume and you just missed out on the opportunity.

3. Make sure your resume is age-neutral

Employers are concerned that as a seasoned worker, your skills may not be as sharp as they used to be or you are too set in your ways. Show them that is not true. Don’t include any work history prior to 2000 and play up your tech skills. And please, lose the AOL email address! That screams “Dinosaur!”. Continue reading

Preparing For Your Year-End Review

‘Tis the season to celebrate with friends and family. ‘Tis also the season for year-end performance reviews, which is the perfect time for you to position yourself for success.

Performance reviews can be stressful, especially coming as they do during the holiday season. You naturally hope that your manager notices all of your hard work and recognizes the value you offer your organization. But does management really know how valuable you are? Year End Career ReviewAs part of the review process, many companies ask their employees to provide a self-assessment to their manager. This is your best opportunity to remind your manager of your contributions and highlight the impact of your efforts. It is also a great first step to developing a strong resume.

Not sure how to show your value to an organization? You are not alone. To make it easier for my clients, I recommend that they start with the following questions:  Continue reading

360 Degree Professional Branding Key to Career Success!

I just returned from the Career Directors International annual conference in Orlando, FL, energized and full of new ideas on how to better position my clients for success! CDI is a fantastic organization whose members are among the elite career coaches and resume writers in the world. Attendees came from Australia, Canada, Great Britain, 360 degree branding brings career successIreland, Brazil and every corner of the US! It was great to meet so many of my online connections face-to-face and make some great new friends. I learned the latest and greatest resume and LinkedIn profile techniques and strategies to accelerate a job search.
Continue reading

How to Find Complete Career Happiness

How to Find Complete Career HappinessDo you dread going to work every day? Does your job require long hours of unfulfilling work but your 6 figure paycheck makes up for the misery you endure during the work week? Do you find yourself questioning whether you should stay or go? Before you make any decisions, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is money everything?
  2. What makes me happy?
  3. Am I living a life of fulfillment?

Expensive cars and vacation homes are only one measure of success. Take a moment, and visualize yourself in a state of complete happiness and joy. What are you doing? Are you attending your kid’s soccer game? Are you fixing something or solving a problem? Are you doing something you love — but never had the chance to do because of overwhelming job-related commitments? Sit back and reevaluate what is most important to you.

The most important gauge of career success is your happiness. Do you really love your work? Do you wake up every morning excited to tackle any obstacle that comes your way? If not, then it is time to make a career change. If you are not sure in which direction you would like to head next, a career coach can help you manage your career with intention and find happiness through a rewarding position that provides more than just a paycheck.

It is possible to love your job and feel fulfilled by your work. It is completely normal and possible for anyone who wants to make it happen. First, you must look inside yourself to identify your interests and natural talents. Once you identify a valid, marketable skill, develop a strategy to achieve your goal. The most important thing is to discover and recognize your passions and then follow them with conviction.

It is not only your right to manage your career, but your obligation. You owe it to yourself. You CAN have a job that is satisfying that also meets your financial needs. Each of us must manage our career, making conscious decisions to move us towards our career goals. Pursuing your happiness is a sign of strength, not weakness.

Once you experience happiness in all aspects of your life, you will reach that level of complete fulfillment that attracts the same energy from those around you. What are you waiting for? 2013 is the time to take control of your career and find a position that provides satisfaction and takes care of your financial needs.