3 Great Reasons to Customize your LinkedIn Public Profile URL

LinkedIn is the #1 job search tool in the world.   Many employers consider it unprofessional for a jobseeker not to be on LinkedIn. Be sure to customize your public profile link to make it easy for employers to find you – and not someone with a similar name. It only takes a minute. Here are 3 reasons why doing this is important to your job search.Linked-In-icon

1. Your LinkedIn profile is not only searchable on LinkedIn but on all online search engines.   LinkedIn profiles generally rank within the top 3 results when your name is searched.   (To be searchable, your public profile must be visible to everyone.)

2. Add a direct link to your LinkedIn profile to the contact info in your resume header.   As most resumes are submitted electronically these days, it makes it easy for the employer to access your LinkedIn profile.   This shows that you are not afraid of a social media background check, and also provides access to your recommendations.   A strong profile that establishes your personal brand will show the value you offer your next employer.

3.   Add your profile link   to the contact info on your business card to provide your networking contacts another way to learn all about you.   This is another way to establish your personal brand and make yourself stand out as a prime candidate.   You never know when you may run into potential contacts, and it is not always practical to have a copy of your resume on hand.

Don’t know how to customize your public profile URL? Send me an email and I’ll be glad to help.

Trish Thomas founded The Resume Resource in 2009 to help people develop the tools, strategies and confidence to build satisfying careers. As a Career Coach and Resume Writer, she helps her clients articulate their unique value to stand out from the competition, and guides them through the job search process to make it less overwhelming and more successful. Contact us to see how we can help you build a more rewarding career. www.the-resume-resource.com

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