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Psychological Profile Tied to Career Happiness?

Designed for hiring managers and human resource professionals,  Â Software Advice’s New Talent Times blog shares strategies for building and managing today’s workforce. Knowledge is power. The same information that guides companies’ hiring decisions can help jobseekers sell themselves to hiring managers and target their ideal roles.

The Psychological Profiles of the Dream Team series analyzes 4 types of top performers: The Giver, the Champ, thepersonality traits tied to career success? Savant and the Matrix Thinker. They explain how these individuals tend to function in the workplace, the roles in which they excel and ones for which they are least suited.

Being in the right role is important to your overall career success. In the wrong role, an individual is typically not performing optimally which can result in a low level of satisfaction for both the worker and the manager. We all deserve to be happy in our career. Finding the best role for you is the first step.

According to these guidelines, where do you fall? Continue reading