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Using the CT DOL Website’s Jobseeker Resources

CTDOL logoLast week I attended a great presentation conducted by Karen Quesnel, a Business Services Professional with CTWorks. She showed members of the JETS Schmoozers  Network for Job Seekers how to use the great job seeker tools on the CT DOL website. I was very impressed with the wealth of employment resources (in both English and Spanish) they have brought together in one portal. I strongly encourage you to check out the site and bookmark it for future use. Here are a few of my favorite features.

CT.jobs allows jobseekers to set up an account in which they can store a resume, save searches and set up personalized job search agents. I was very impressed to hear that they vet the employers who post jobs on their site, so there are no fictitious or scam postings like on some of the large paid-for-post job boards. Continue reading