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Give Yourself a Gift This Season

Guest Blog by Gayle Draper, CHRP, of Intentional Careers and Human Resources,  in Ontario, Canada. Originally posted December 7, 2015

presentsDon’t these boxes look wonderful, colourful and effectively displayed.  What is really important about them?

Yes for my fourth blog on a grey Monday afternoon in December these are deep questions and with the holiday season in full swing give yourself pause to think about it.

 It is your brand that sets you up for current and future employment success like one of these shiny boxes; great looking resume with all the right words, LinkedIn looking active and professional and all looks terrific from the outside but what is inside.

 Are you happy in the role you are performing?

Is your job giving you intellectual, creative and social opportunities for growth each day? Read More

Don’t Abandon Your Job Search During the Holidays!

If you are in the process of searching for your next job, keep your momentum going during the holidays. A few advantages of a holiday-season job search?snowflake2

More access to hiring managers – As many gatekeepers are on vacation, your odds of reaching the decision makers increase. Many executives actually answer their own phones when their assistants are out of the office. Continue reading