Interview Preparation

Job interviews can unnerve even the most experienced job seeker. In today’s competitive job market, proper preparation can make the difference between getting the job offer and being rejected. I can help you prepare to answer those tough interview questions, and develop situational stories that demonstrate the depth of your experience. With proper practice, you’ll be ready to sell yourself as the ideal candidate for the position.

Many people find taking the MBTI® helpful, as it leads to greater self-awareness and can help us articulate our unique value and how we operate best. Learn more about how together we can use this information to help you in your career advancement.

To prepare for your Interview Prep Session, I will provide you with 15-20 sample interview questions tailored to your field and your level of experience. These questions will cover role-specific skills, your preferred work style as well as the behavioral questions many employers use to identify “the real candidate”.  After you have composed and practiced your answers, we will conduct a mock interview session, either face-to-face or over the telephone depending upon your location.

The key to interview success is to walk into the interview with confidence, rather than fear.  Together, we can accomplish that!