Today’s Resume is Ideal for Mid-Career Reinvention

I work with many mid-career professionals looking to reinvent themselves. Their industry may be contracting, job  outsourced, or they may simply want a change. Many want to pull back from the responsibilities and headaches that can accompany management roles and, once again, become individual contributors. The prospect of leaving your job behind at 5 pm and enjoying a personal life can be pretty attractive.

Until recently, I do not think many of us actively managed our careers. Sure, most of us were told by our parents that we could be anything we wanted to be, but how many of us followed our dreams? I doubt many people wanted to be stuck in an 8’ by 8’ beige cubicle, eating lunch at their desk under glaring fluorescent lights. Yet, that is where many of us Baby Boomers find ourselves. The time to restore your work/life balance and reclaim your personal life is NOW!  Your New Career

Because today’s resume is a forward-facing document that positions you for your next job, as opposed to your autobiography, it has never been easier to reinvent yourself professionally.  

1. Identify your passions and interests. What would you really like to do? Help seniors live more active healthy lives or make a living using your Master Gardener skills?

2. Assess your marketable skills. Do you have the skills needed to make the transition, or are there training  workshops that can provide the skills you need? Self-directed career exploration resources like O*NET, America’s Career InfoNet  and the Job Skills Transfer Assessment Tool  help people consider and plan career options.

3. Review your professional experience and identify  the parts that can support your new venture.   Do not include all your experience just because it is part of your history. Pick and choose the information that will help you land your next role. Switching from IT to managing an adult literacy program? Play up your people skills and program management expertise.

Not sure where to start?   A career coach and professional resume writer can help guide you through this exploration process and effectively market your skillset  with a fresh new resume. Your local business resource librarian can help you identify training programs in your area. Many of the larger public library systems offer free online training programs through Universal Class to their patrons. When you are ready to make a change, we are here to help!

As a Career Coach, Resume Writer and Certified MBTI Practitioner, Trish helps her clients articulate their unique value to gain the competition edge, while guiding them through the job search process. Trish’s clients have a more positive job search experience with accelerated results. Formerly known as ‘The Resume Resource’ Trish’s business has evolved, along with her expertise, and was rebranded as ‘EDGE Career Solutions’ in 2015.  Call and Connect
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